Forensic Research, Expert Testimony, and Climate Studies

Forensic Research:
The snow, ice and cold of winter can mean slip and falls and car accidents.
Even in the warmer months and more moderate climates, rain and severe thunderstorms can cause a variety of damage and personal injuries. For most of these cases and claims to be settled, a detailed analysis of weather conditions is needed. The problem is, rarely do these incidents occur right at an official weather observation site. This is where we at Precision Weather Service come in.

Our staff of experienced, forensic meteorologists will pour through thousands of bits of weather data, satellite photos and Doppler Radar images, and using their expertise, will put the pieces back together of what weather conditions were AT the accident site.

Expert Testimony:
About 5% of the time, just researching a case isn’t enough, and it goes in front of a judge and jury in Court. Again, we are there for you. Our experienced meteorologists have testified in all levels of Court for almost any type of case you can imagine. We have even been called upon several times to defend New York State in weather related incidences.

Climate Studies:
Detailed weather research does not always mean a court case. Over the years we have performed weather research and climate studies for everything from the construction of nuclear power plants and airport runways to ski slopes. We even prepared a mock weather disaster using real climate data for a college level degree in Emergency Management.

If you need weather research, you need Precision Weather Service.
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